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We offer and provide both consulting and managed IT services that have helped our users to reduce costs in their planning process cycle.

Dtc: Your One Stop For Managed It Services

Information Technology (IT) managed services are processes in which an external company is contracted so that the IT infrastructure and operating model of an organization function properly, efficiently, and securely. 

The main objective of this service is to ensure the proper functioning of the daily operations of the company through constant support and maintenance.

 It makes business and operational processes more efficient and gives companies better control over their Information Technology.

Darling Tennis Center (DTC) provides many benefits, the main ones include:

Ability To Concentrate On Main Activities

As the IT provider takes over their IT infrastructure and other technology responsibilities, organizations will be able to focus on the tasks that are critical to their business. There is no need to spend time and effort learning new software or hardware that would otherwise lead to decreased productivity.

Costs Reduction

IT Managed Services provide the opportunity to reduce IT costs through better management of your technology. Providers can invest in additional upgrades to their hardware and software, resulting in a more efficient technology that saves them money in the long run.

Improved Productivity

Other benefits of managed IT services include the ability to work in real-time with your employees through interactive sessions, allowing both parties to resolve issues efficiently. These vendors also offer software and hardware that are compatible with each other, resulting in increased productivity.

Better Security

IT managed service providers can provide advanced security measures for your company’s IT systems, protecting them against unauthorized access to your data and network. IT managed service providers can also provide security enhancements on an ongoing basis, keeping your data safe at all times.

Instant Access

When you need an IT problem solved quickly, there’s no better solution than using our Managed Services. Our team of experts is available 24 hours a day and will resolve any technical issues without delay so your business can keep functioning as normal while we work on fixing things up for ya!

Agile And Flexible

IT Managed Services can lower costs while increasing quality, benefiting any organization, regardless of its size and nature. This is possible because the professionals of these companies remain on standby if your company requires their help (during extended hours), which allows them to attend to problems as soon as they arise.

Better Communication

In IT Managed Services, trained professionals who can speak your business language are ready to provide you with a more cohesive level of communication, which is vital to a successful operation that can react quickly to changing market needs.

Introducing Darling Tennis Center’s Managed Services

First, you must understand the meaning of this concept. Managed Services are nothing more than the subcontracting of a specialized company to carry out tasks related to the internal technological environment of an organization.

Managed services encompass a series of tasks that become the responsibility of the provider, such as:

  • IT environment monitoring;
  • Service Management;
  • Availability guarantee;
  • Security management;
  • Support and maintenance, among others.

In addition to handling the technical issues of the client’s IT infrastructure, the managed service provider will act as a kind of consultant to the partner. He will analyze the possible trends that can be applied to your business and, in this way, make technology a strategic factor for business.

Darling Tennis Center offers a broad portfolio of managed services with ready solutions and all the necessary support for its IT partners to offer them to their customers and add value to sales.

In addition to the best solutions on the market, allied IT partners have a series of benefits that are segmented into 4 pillars:

Academy, Supply Chain, Support and Professional Services. Each of them supports IT partners at a certain point in their sales journey.

Get To Know Each Of Them: 

  • Academy: DTC offers workshops and intensive courses, training designed exclusively to help allies, and workshops given by specialists, among other training methods.
  • Supply Chain: Based on the controls of all stages of sales, partners will be able to provide opportunities for their clients to reduce costs and improve current assets, in addition to training them to fully and correctly manage their businesses.
  • Support: Through the three support centers that DTC offers, partners will be able to offer the best support solutions for their clients, focusing on the problem presented and the appropriate solution.
  • Professional Services: DTC offers countless resources specially developed to augment and complement the capacity of partners, to make available high-level technical and quality solutions for their clients.

Regardless of the size of the industry, all companies need technology to keep their systems running. Therefore, your IT partners must be ready to closely monitor this new market. For this, it is necessary to invest in managed services and find a provider capable of supporting you in this new journey.…

Why Managed IT Services Is Essential For Businesses

Many companies need to transform their IT areas with low investment and faster changes, without losing the efficiency of their networks. So they are looking for Managed Services providers.

It is a solution that helps companies maintain a stable and secure network infrastructure while migrating their assets to the Cloud.

This is an optimal option, especially for micro and medium-sized companies that do not have full-time IT specialists and need to restructure their technology foundations.

Therefore, despite representing an investment market that will reach $194 billion dollars by 2019, according to Markets and Markets research, Managed Services have their pros and cons.

They are an excellent opportunity for increased income and new business. If you don’t already work with managed services, you can create your own offerings or have a team run the services and make your business even more profitable.

Learn about the main advantages of adopting managed services as part of your portfolio:

Environment Monitoring

By implementing the managed services in your portfolio, your partners will have proactive monitoring of the entire infrastructure, which allows you to have a complete picture of the client’s environment.

Based on this, you will be able to support the IT managers of your clients’ companies with queries, offering 24×7 support to guarantee the total availability of services.

Cost Reduction

Another benefit of working with managed services is the savings that your partners will be able to realize. By contracting this service with a specialized provider that is a reference in this market, you will be able to use advanced resources and have personalized resources according to the needs of your partners.

Your IT partners will work with a dedicated structure to support environment optimizations, ensuring better governance of customers’ infrastructure and thus more cost savings.

Integrated Service Delivery

With managed services, your IT channel can optimize the portfolio by moving away from offering solutions that don’t communicate and investing in integrated technologies that can add value to your customer’s business.

This type of solution not only improves the development of your customers’ team but also makes it easier to manage the IT services offered by your team.

In this way, everything can be done remotely, with a management system, avoiding your IT team having to constantly go to the contracting company to review their demands.

Customer Loyalty

By choosing to implement the managed services model, your IT partners are now taking a proactive and preventative stance, reducing customer issues and churn.

This helps your IT partners always deliver quality service that adds value to customers, as well as increases customer retention and loyalty.

Beyond monitoring and responding quickly to a threat, MSS companies need to identify specific elements of clients’ security assets as they deal with different types of tools. Therefore, it is necessary to configure them continuously to reduce the probability of attacks.

Flexible Contracts

The MSS can be contracted on a monthly basis, making the containment of the client’s networks or on a timely basis in the event of an invasion or executing a correction. It is also common for an employee of the provider to be transferred to the company in order to help the IT team that is included in a specific project or to speed up a security function that was being controlled remotely.

Saving Of Resources

With flexible contracts it is possible to carry out greater control of resource expenses since there is no need to hire specialized labor to guarantee the security of the network, also generating savings in terms of salaries and an increase in benefits for workers.…

The Benefits Of Managed IT

The benefits of outsourcing your IT department are too good to be true! Through a partnership with an MSP, you can have access 24/7 without having any additional employees on staff. This way we take care of everything from security updates and virus prevention down to our remote diagnosing when users have issues that should not occur according to their ticketing system metrics

The point here is this: if there was ever something wrong happens in one place it will show up somewhere else because these companies work together like puzzle pieces fitting into place nicely smartest thing would do before calling them though

Another benefit to managed IT services is a greater opportunity for security expertise and successfully implemented security policies. MSPs work with standards such as PCI compliance day after day, which allows or facilitates your company to adhere to parameters and regulations in a faster and more transparent way.

With all of these new regulations, you must have a partner who can help your business stay compliant. A managed service provider will ensure the experts in charge know what they need to do and be up-to-date with information on changes within their industry or field so as not to risk fines from being avoided through lack thereof expertise

MSPs offer MCA compliance services which include understanding client’s requirements for IT management; defining comprehensive solutions based upon those needs while taking into consideration budget limitations – this ensures optimal use output quality/cost ratio

IT is a necessary evil in most organizations, but it’s also an area where many SMBs struggle. By partnering with MSPs who provide operational support for your technology needs you can focus on growing business instead of worrying about day-to-day issues or requirements – which could otherwise take away from important tasks like customer service!

DTC uses cutting-edge technology to solve your IT problems efficiently. Unlike break/fix providers, we employ the latest processes and software that proactively monitors endpoints preventing potential issues before they arise so you can stay up-to-date with a minimal amount of downtime for maximum productivity!

Our team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (according to SLA), allowing end users to take nights and weekends off while GrupoNethexa does the work. heavy on the tasks and processes that are carried out in hours outside the conventional.

DTC offers a service that requires no upfront investment and allows you the freedom to focus on what’s most important your data.

The rates are fair at DTC because they’re set up in levels (users/recurrence etc.), which gives us greater automation capabilities as well increased management ability for higher level SLA agreements according to our specifications of customer needs!

End users only pay for the services they require, and can upgrade or downgrade based on business needs and demand. The end user pays a single fee for services delivered on-site, such as remote monitoring and management, help desk solutions, backup and disaster recovery, and more.

The business continues to grow and you need an efficient way of managing your IT services. With DTC, we offer a managed service that will allow users the ability not just to maintain but also expand upon core functionality without any hassle or cost on their end! We’re here at saas4techs – a one-stop shop when it comes down to making sure all operations run smoothly (and affordably).

Efficiency, consolidated resources, and customer satisfaction, together with fixed rates, the ability to offer a greater range of services and serve a larger clientele, make DTC-managed IT services the ideal solution for managing systems large and small computing for SMEs.…

How To Choose A IT Company

IT managed services are those provided by an external provider to the company and are currently of great importance for any company as they represent a saving of resources not only monetary but also infrastructure and personnel.

Choose The Best Provider

These services are basic for the operation of a current company and for this reason we are dedicated to improving our processes as well as accompanying you in each project.

But, what specific aspects can guide you on how to choose a business partner?

At DTC we give you 3 important aspects to choosing a provider.

  1. Be Clear About The Services You Require

Knowing the scope we have in terms of physical and technological infrastructure will be a good first step to knowing what type of service. Thinking about the objectives we want to achieve and have a mapping of the services on time required and among the main technological assets that would be included in this audit are:

  • Internet services
  • IP telephony services
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Meeting room equipment
  • Collaboration services and network resources in the cloud
  • Security solutions for your networks

From these aspects mentioned, it is important to understand the different types of service offered by each solution, since it will not be the same to buy a dedicated internet link as a wireless one.

Nor will it be the same for us to use an SDWAN system as using WAN networks, we must understand what is most convenient for our operation and objectives.

  1. Look For An Experienced Provider

When you have a clearer idea of ​​the services your company needs, it’s time to look for qualified experts.

The best thing to do is always look for a company that can provide advice from the survey to the implementation and adoption. At this point, your provider must get involved in knowing your operational needs and not just be a service provider.

To identify this type of supplier, take into account the following aspects:

  • That you can create an integrated resource strategy with managed services, outsourcing, and cloud.
  • That it has a wide range of technology partners so that it can be a neutral supplier and objectively recommend according to the needs of each project
  • That it can provide stable and robust connectivity with sufficient capacity for all its processes
  • That it be a reference and comply with good IT practices to make the transition from the in-house system to the supplier management system
  1. Make Sure You Can Get The Support You Need

We are not only talking about technical support but also about infrastructure, services, and technology for the implementation of your projects.

For Example:

  • That provides a network that supports all the traffic of your company
  • That provides support in the creation of good infrastructure in the cloud
  • To be a provider of telephony, network, and managed services at the same time and thus guarantee security and quality

Taking into account the speed with which technology and telecommunications change in the business world, it is important to rely on service provider companies that can resolve these changes in a timely and efficient manner so that they are a reality.

Consult success stories focused on the line of business of your company: in this way, it will be safer to know the results of the application of its services.

Check that they have a support center and help with a wide service window: emergencies are never planned, so you better make sure that you can go to their service and support team at any time.

Look for the support of certifications: this way you can be sure of the quality of services offered.

Make sure you have the personalized attention of specialists: this will improve the contracted service since all the personnel in charge will know in detail the needs and characteristics of your company.…

Why Is IT Support Important In Times Of Pandemic?

With the pandemic, remote work became the “new normal” and the Cloud became the “star” technology that allowed team collaboration and guaranteed business continuity for organizations.

Many companies accelerated their move to the cloud environment, prioritizing investments in digital transformation initiatives designed to streamline business processes.

For what reason? Essentially because the applications and services in the Cloud allow us to support the remote workforce and give them access to the resources they need for their work and the business processes that people mobilize, regardless of their geographical location.

Today our jobs are not like before, we face new challenges, the simplest and easiest things are the most valued, and our work tools are our mobile devices and a computer, technology makes our daily tasks easier and allows us to connect efficiently with our work team and with our family.

With changes come opportunities, to grow, and reinvent ourselves, in this new reality, we are measured by our results, teleworking is here to stay, and these new experiences allow us to adapt to new work processes, and how to maintain all our work tools in a good state.

The usual thing is to call the person in charge of technical support who helps us and assists us in the problems that may arise at a technical level in a company, generally these problems cause stress and frustration in the work team.

IT Support Gives Us Benefits Such As:

  • IT investment savings.
  • More time to dedicate to your customers.
  • Implementation and innovation in new technologies.
  • Resolution of technical incidents as soon as possible.

Depending on the incident that arises, the organization’s work and productivity may be affected while it is being resolved. That is why our goal is to help, advise and provide a complete, reliable, and proactive technical support service.

Through IT support we can resolve technical incidents that occur in a company or currently in teleworking, assisting with a maintenance service at different levels, to help to solve incident reports promptly. efficient and innovative with its technological systems.

IT Support Guarantees You:

  • Attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Immediate response to incident reports
  • Quarterly reports and time savings in IT technical processes

In this sense, the tools for collaborative work and communication in real-time in the Cloud, for example, were essential to favor the creation of remote teams.

In the face of the disruption posed by Covid-19, companies that were further along in their digital transformation journey were able to respond with greater agility, adapt to changing environments, and make operational transitions more seamless. To achieve this, they took advantage of the efficiency, scalability, and innovation capabilities provided by the Cloud.

Organizations have benefited from these capabilities by, for example, migrating legacy business applications to software-as-a-service (SaaS) schemes in the cloud.

A 2021 study on cloud computing usage trends found that 92% of companies have a multi-cloud strategy. And while public cloud adoption continues to accelerate, 82% have a hybrid cloud strategy that combines the use of public and private clouds. The report also indicates that organizations are increasingly comfortable developing even sensitive data storage strategies in the Cloud.

Organizations are moving to the Cloud due to its scalability, economy, and reach. 90% of respondents expect cloud adoption and usage to exceed previous plans due to COVID-19.

And it is that as the light begins to see at the end of the tunnel and the pandemic begins to subside, the SaaS model and innovation enabled by the Cloud provide a platform “to transform disruption into opportunity”.

Security Controls

It is also important to assess the risks of abrupt changes, for example when working from home opens security gaps in the organizations’ networks, to the extent that employees use their home networks -more vulnerable- to access data and corporate applications.

In this way, companies must take care of deploying cybersecurity controls using precisely decentralized technologies such as the cloud that goes beyond the traditional perimeter and prioritize the identity management and access of users in the Cloud to guarantee that only authorized employees can secure access to corporate data and applications.

That is, guarantee access to the necessary tools and resources to those who are authorized while implementing strategies to mitigate unauthorized access attempts by cybercriminals.

In other words, organizations will have to prioritize spending on cloud governance and security tools, such as cloud endpoint security, cloud backups, virtual desktops, and other solutions that guarantee the security of the remote work scheme.…

Differences Between Remote Technical Support And On-Site Technical Support

Carrying out your work from home or office involves installing programs and maintaining equipment, which is why there are two types of technical support, on-site and remote.

Each technical support has its benefits, in this blog, we will focus on letting you know what the differences are so that you can identify which one you need at this time or in the future.

Remote Support

The main objective is to respond in a timely, efficient manner, and with high-quality knowledge, to service requests entered by users of business networks.


  1. Savings in visits from technical staff.
  2. It allows you to solve the incident from anywhere.
  3. Resolve incident reports in less time.

It consists of solving incidents through different remote control software, which allows you to assist the client and solve very common problems such as installation of programs or configurations, therefore it is dedicated to covering small and basic incidents.

This service model is born from a qualified T I Help Desk (single point of contact), where our agents take the user’s initial request. This can eventually be resolved in a first service or, depending on the service model contracted by the client, it can be escalated to different levels of technical or engineering service (the service level is determined by the platform that the client decides to support).

Through the Help Desk, the user will be able to obtain a timely solution to their requirement, with committed SLAs.

Face-To-Face Support

The main objective is to provide service through face-to-face visits (on-site service) to the client’s offices, with qualified technicians or engineers.

On-site support can be requested to prevent or correct failures.

To prevent this, the expert analyzes the devices and equipment in search of possible errors. The solution is to correct them before they cause major technical problems and delay or harm business continuity.


  1. It helps you with IT investment savings.
  2. Optimization of technological resources.
  3. Implementation of new technologies.
  4. And more time for customer service.

On-site technical support consists of solving more complex incidents at the hardware level, infrastructure management, and resource optimization, where the main emphasis is on covering a much broader panorama regarding the technology area. It consists of taking you to the next level in technology.

The corrective visits have the objective of repairing the damaged hardware, looking for the best equipment recovery option, within contracted SLAs, and that allows the client’s continuity in its operation.

Mixed Support

Although this support model is not exclusive to a teleworking context, we believe that the need to provide the support that responds to various circumstances becomes more evident in this scenario.

Therefore, to maintain the delivery of solutions efficiently, the option of the mixed package is created: if for some reason a solution cannot be found remotely, the commitment is to provide a technician on-site to give face-to-face support, and in some cases, proceed to the removal and/or replacement of the equipment to give continuity to its operations. All this is according to the agreed response times ( SLA ).