How To Choose A IT Company

How To Choose A IT Company

IT managed services are those provided by an external provider to the company and are currently of great importance for any company as they represent a saving of resources not only monetary but also infrastructure and personnel.

Choose The Best Provider

These services are basic for the operation of a current company and for this reason we are dedicated to improving our processes as well as accompanying you in each project.

But, what specific aspects can guide you on how to choose a business partner?

At DTC we give you 3 important aspects to choosing a provider.

  1. Be Clear About The Services You Require

Knowing the scope we have in terms of physical and technological infrastructure will be a good first step to knowing what type of service. Thinking about the objectives we want to achieve and have a mapping of the services on time required and among the main technological assets that would be included in this audit are:

  • Internet services
  • IP telephony services
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Meeting room equipment
  • Collaboration services and network resources in the cloud
  • Security solutions for your networks

From these aspects mentioned, it is important to understand the different types of service offered by each solution, since it will not be the same to buy a dedicated internet link as a wireless one.

Nor will it be the same for us to use an SDWAN system as using WAN networks, we must understand what is most convenient for our operation and objectives.

  1. Look For An Experienced Provider

When you have a clearer idea of ​​the services your company needs, it’s time to look for qualified experts.

The best thing to do is always look for a company that can provide advice from the survey to the implementation and adoption. At this point, your provider must get involved in knowing your operational needs and not just be a service provider.

To identify this type of supplier, take into account the following aspects:

  • That you can create an integrated resource strategy with managed services, outsourcing, and cloud.
  • That it has a wide range of technology partners so that it can be a neutral supplier and objectively recommend according to the needs of each project
  • That it can provide stable and robust connectivity with sufficient capacity for all its processes
  • That it be a reference and comply with good IT practices to make the transition from the in-house system to the supplier management system
  1. Make Sure You Can Get The Support You Need

We are not only talking about technical support but also about infrastructure, services, and technology for the implementation of your projects.

For Example:

  • That provides a network that supports all the traffic of your company
  • That provides support in the creation of good infrastructure in the cloud
  • To be a provider of telephony, network, and managed services at the same time and thus guarantee security and quality

Taking into account the speed with which technology and telecommunications change in the business world, it is important to rely on service provider companies that can resolve these changes in a timely and efficient manner so that they are a reality.

Consult success stories focused on the line of business of your company: in this way, it will be safer to know the results of the application of its services.

Check that they have a support center and help with a wide service window: emergencies are never planned, so you better make sure that you can go to their service and support team at any time.

Look for the support of certifications: this way you can be sure of the quality of services offered.

Make sure you have the personalized attention of specialists: this will improve the contracted service since all the personnel in charge will know in detail the needs and characteristics of your company.

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