Introducing Darling Tennis Center’s Managed Services

Introducing Darling Tennis Center’s Managed Services

First, you must understand the meaning of this concept. Managed Services are nothing more than the subcontracting of a specialized company to carry out tasks related to the internal technological environment of an organization.

Managed services encompass a series of tasks that become the responsibility of the provider, such as:

  • IT environment monitoring;
  • Service Management;
  • Availability guarantee;
  • Security management;
  • Support and maintenance, among others.

In addition to handling the technical issues of the client’s IT infrastructure, the managed service provider will act as a kind of consultant to the partner. He will analyze the possible trends that can be applied to your business and, in this way, make technology a strategic factor for business.

Darling Tennis Center offers a broad portfolio of managed services with ready solutions and all the necessary support for its IT partners to offer them to their customers and add value to sales.

In addition to the best solutions on the market, allied IT partners have a series of benefits that are segmented into 4 pillars:

Academy, Supply Chain, Support and Professional Services. Each of them supports IT partners at a certain point in their sales journey.

Get To Know Each Of Them: 

  • Academy: DTC offers workshops and intensive courses, training designed exclusively to help allies, and workshops given by specialists, among other training methods.
  • Supply Chain: Based on the controls of all stages of sales, partners will be able to provide opportunities for their clients to reduce costs and improve current assets, in addition to training them to fully and correctly manage their businesses.
  • Support: Through the three support centers that DTC offers, partners will be able to offer the best support solutions for their clients, focusing on the problem presented and the appropriate solution.
  • Professional Services: DTC offers countless resources specially developed to augment and complement the capacity of partners, to make available high-level technical and quality solutions for their clients.

Regardless of the size of the industry, all companies need technology to keep their systems running. Therefore, your IT partners must be ready to closely monitor this new market. For this, it is necessary to invest in managed services and find a provider capable of supporting you in this new journey.

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