Why Managed IT Services Is Essential For Businesses

Why Managed IT Services Is Essential For Businesses

Many companies need to transform their IT areas with low investment and faster changes, without losing the efficiency of their networks. So they are looking for Managed Services providers.

It is a solution that helps companies maintain a stable and secure network infrastructure while migrating their assets to the Cloud.

This is an optimal option, especially for micro and medium-sized companies that do not have full-time IT specialists and need to restructure their technology foundations.

Therefore, despite representing an investment market that will reach $194 billion dollars by 2019, according to Markets and Markets research, Managed Services have their pros and cons.

They are an excellent opportunity for increased income and new business. If you don’t already work with managed services, you can create your own offerings or have a team run the services and make your business even more profitable.

Learn about the main advantages of adopting managed services as part of your portfolio:

Environment Monitoring

By implementing the managed services in your portfolio, your partners will have proactive monitoring of the entire infrastructure, which allows you to have a complete picture of the client’s environment.

Based on this, you will be able to support the IT managers of your clients’ companies with queries, offering 24×7 support to guarantee the total availability of services.

Cost Reduction

Another benefit of working with managed services is the savings that your partners will be able to realize. By contracting this service with a specialized provider that is a reference in this market, you will be able to use advanced resources and have personalized resources according to the needs of your partners.

Your IT partners will work with a dedicated structure to support environment optimizations, ensuring better governance of customers’ infrastructure and thus more cost savings.

Integrated Service Delivery

With managed services, your IT channel can optimize the portfolio by moving away from offering solutions that don’t communicate and investing in integrated technologies that can add value to your customer’s business.

This type of solution not only improves the development of your customers’ team but also makes it easier to manage the IT services offered by your team.

In this way, everything can be done remotely, with a management system, avoiding your IT team having to constantly go to the contracting company to review their demands.

Customer Loyalty

By choosing to implement the managed services model, your IT partners are now taking a proactive and preventative stance, reducing customer issues and churn.

This helps your IT partners always deliver quality service that adds value to customers, as well as increases customer retention and loyalty.

Beyond monitoring and responding quickly to a threat, MSS companies need to identify specific elements of clients’ security assets as they deal with different types of tools. Therefore, it is necessary to configure them continuously to reduce the probability of attacks.

Flexible Contracts

The MSS can be contracted on a monthly basis, making the containment of the client’s networks or on a timely basis in the event of an invasion or executing a correction. It is also common for an employee of the provider to be transferred to the company in order to help the IT team that is included in a specific project or to speed up a security function that was being controlled remotely.

Saving Of Resources

With flexible contracts it is possible to carry out greater control of resource expenses since there is no need to hire specialized labor to guarantee the security of the network, also generating savings in terms of salaries and an increase in benefits for workers.

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